Laity Pumpkin Patch North – Maple Ridge

Laity Pumpkin Patch is separated into North and South portions, each with its focus and admission. Both pumpkin patches open between October 1st to October 31st and are filled with fun activities for kids. The Laity Pumpkin Patch North is for younger kids, and the Laity Pumpkin Patch South is for older kids. These two pumpkin patches are located in Maple Ridge. Today, we will talk about Laity Pumpkin Patch North, just off 128 Avenue.

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The Pumpkin Patch at Richmond Country Farms

Every year, between October 1st to October 31st, Richmond Country Farms host the popular seasonal attraction, The Pumpkin Patch. This event attracts kids of all ages. What sets Richmond Country Farms apart from any other farms in the Metro Vancouver area is having both the tractor hay ride and a train ride in one location. Needless to say, that in itself is a huge bonus for little train lovers aside from the pumpkin patch itself. Richmond Country Farms is divided into 4 large areas, the front area before the tractor hay ride, the market, the winery, and the huge farm area where the tractor ride takes us.

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Pumpkin After Dark Burnaby 2022

Pumpkin After Dark is coming to Burnaby for the first time in 2022. This Canada's award-winning outdoor Halloween event features 6000+ carved pumpkins. Like the light shows during Christmas, this Halloween-themed light show features pathways filled with carved pumpkin displays. This is a time-limited event that runs from September 22nd to October 31st, located in Swangard Stadium & Central Park in Burnaby.

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